Monday, December 31, 2012

List of Kpop Groups 1980-2012

Before I even begin this post I will beg and plead that you PLEASE do not steal these charts and claim them as your own. It has literally taken me months to collect and find all of this information. If you must post them on a website please credit me as the creator and provide a link to my blog that's all I ask.

Now on with the post, so for the past couple of months I have been working on something, slowly but surely, and I'm finally ready to reveal to you guys just what it is.

I present to you, a list of the all the past Kpop groups starting from 1980 onward.

How To Read The Chart

[The year they debut is in the left black bar as well as along the top and bottom of the chart. The name of the group is in a colored square and a corresponding square with the same color shows the length of time that group has been active. On the right are color letters, BG, GG, M, and D.

BG stands for Boy Group, this is for groups of all genres that have all male members.
GG stands for Girl Group, this is for groups of all genres that have all female members.
M stands for Mixed Group, this is for groups that have both male and female members.
*Side note, if a group debut as a mixed group but later became a BG or GG I gave then the label of Mixed group if that is how they debut.*
D stand for Duo, a group that only has two members. The neon blue D is for duos with two males, the red D is for duos with two females, and the lime green D is for duos with one female and one male.

If a group started out as a group and then became a duo they were given a group status since that is what they debut as.

Most of the older groups are presumed to be disbanded, but if I could not find a website to confirm it I did not put it.]

(Sorry I had to take screenshots of my excel spread sheet, blogspot does not allow you to upload PDF's.)
(click on the pictures to enlarge them)

Solo artist and groups that use instruments[aka Bands] are not included on this list, I am making separate lists for those two.

I know without a doubt that a few trot groups and a few bands somehow managed to make their way onto the chart. The trot groups can stay, but if you see a band let me know so I can add them to my other list and take them off of this one.

Sorry I had to plaster my watermark all over it, but I knew people will steal it and not credit me and this took a long time to make so I want my credit.

DISCLAIMER: Allow me to state right now that all the information is not 100% accurate. I also had multiple sources contradicting others on such things as when a group debut or when they disbanded. In those cases if two sites had different dates I went with the year the group released their first album/single. I'm not Korean so I did not grow up with these groups knowing when they debut, so please forgive me if a few of them are out of place. If there is an error in the information I am more then willing to correct it, however you must provide me with a link of some kind that will show me proof of the date you are claiming the group debut in (or some type of proof). Also activity is dictated by albums/singles/mini album releases. If the group last released an album in 2004, but have released songs for OST in 2005, I did not count that as active on the chart, because often OST's will credit an entire group when only two members participated in the OST.

Here are a few fun facts, and fake awards I want to hand out.

Fun Facts:

1. Mixed groups were really popular early on but the trend has seemed to have died out.

2. I had always thought boy groups had were more popular early on and then girl groups grew in popularity but is not the case. They seemed to be even, and then girl groups over took the number of boy groups over the years.

3. Korean's love using acronyms for group names. 

Now for some awards (these awards are just for fun and should not be taken seriously)

STRANGEST GROUP NAME: It's hard to choose, some of my personal favorites are Mutant, Butt Head, Turtles, and Stony Skunk

MOST ANDROGYNOUS GROUP: Case & Nova. They are a duo who I first thought were both boys, then I thought it was one boy and one girl, and then I found out they were both girls XD.

SINGERS WHO CHANGED GROUPS THE MOST: Boom (yes Boom from Strong Heart), was in three groups before he went solo, they were Key, Nuclear, and Lexa. Jungah get this award as well, she was in three groups as well, Kiss Five, Sz, and After School.

GROUP WITH THE MOST MEMBER CHANGES: Xing. With a total of 18 members through the groups existence, I think they win the award for most member changes.

These are not really awards just random facts.

COLOR: Colored Paper, The Color, Color.
BLACK: Black Beat, Black Out, All Black, Blacklist, Black Pearl, Black Eye, Black Queen.
BLUE:The Blue, Blue Marble, Blue Spring, T-Blue.     
ORANGE: Orange, Orange Caramel.
BROWN: Brown Eyes, Brown Eyed Girls, Brown Eyed Soul.
RED: Red Soul, Red Sox.
GREEN: Green Area.
PINK: APink.
GOLD: Gary Gold Smith, The Gold.
PURPLE: Indigo.
GRAY: Eness Gray.
RAINBOW: Rainbow.

(I didn't include sub-units):
Baby VOX 1997, Baby VOX Re.V 2007.
Brown Eyes 2001, Brown Eyed Soul 2003, Brown Eyed Girls 2006.
Chocolate 2010, Chocolat 2011.
F.O.X 1997, Fox 1999, Foxy 2006.
SEEYA 2006, The SEEYA 2012.
Speed 1998, Speed 2012.
Sugar 2002, Sugarless 2006.
Tiny 2000, Tiny-G 2012.
Take 2003, Take Out 2011.

1: 1TYM, Uno, As One, A.D-One, One 2 One, OneTwo, A'st1,F1rst, B1A4, One Piece, S the One
2: 2 Shai, Deux, Mr.2, Two Two, C2K, Two & One, O2R, 2NB, Chapter 2, 2AM, 2PM, 2Lepik Soul, 2NE1, B2Y, 2Face, 2Nise,Gril2School, J2, Y2Y, 2Boram, 2 BiC, E2RE Two X
3: 3 Boys, M3, 3 Chongsa, 3rd Story
4: 4Men, A4, 4U, BGH4, 4Mintue, M4, 4Heaven, 4K
5: 5tion, Five, Tin Tin Five, Eagle Five, F-IV, Kisfive, 5 Dolls, X-5
6: Six Bomb, Keep Six
7: 7 Dayz, 7 Princess, 7Size,, E7
8: 8Eight,
9: Nine Muses
10: Ten
13: i-13
15: 15&
19: Sistar 19
24: O-24, 24/7, 24K
45: 45RPM
84: 84LY
91: Ninety One
212: 212
501: SS501
1730: 1730

I hope international fans find this useful for discovering old school kpop groups. Also I hope this will make fans stop complaining about the large number of rookies that debut each year. As you can clearly see from the chart, as each year has pasted more and more groups have debut and this will continue to happen (unless Korea's economy takes a dive and smaller companies are unable to stay afloat and put out more groups) but more then likely more groups will continue to debut each year.

PLEASE let me know if I left anyone off the list (please remember that this list is for groups only, not solo artist or bands) especially groups from the 1980's.

This is an ongoing project I hope to continue for as many years as I can. I'm looking forward to 2013, let's see if the number of rookie groups can surpass 108.

Link to 2013 list HERE


  1. This is AMAZING! Seriously! I've been trying to make a complete list of all Kpop girl groups & releases for months (as I want to check out as many as possible) and there's some on here I hadn't found yet :O I can't imagine how much work this was....even my vastly incomplete list has taken a large chunk of time on research. Thanks for all of your hard work on this! Can't wait to check out the groups I hadn't heard of!

    1. Thank you for the kind words. Yes this took a crazy amount of time to make, i'm glad you find it helpful. I'm going to be updating it posting the updated version in 2014 so I hope you look forward to it.

    2. I'm definitely looking forward to it! I've only had time to research the 2012 groups so far but from what I've found it looks like D.Q & Diamond Queen are the same group. Also, I don't know if they count for this list, but you missed Baby Soul & Yoo Ji Ah

      Thanks again for all your crazy hard work!

    3. This is such a great list and I appreciate your hard word and dedication. As a big fan of girl groups I compared your list to my own and found lots I've never heard of (and probably never will since it's hard to find all since some debut only to disband soon afterwards), but I noticed quite a lot you're missed so I'd like to add the ones I know of! Girl groups: Tiara, Dream Girls, Dokdo Girls, Double U aka W aka D-U, Playgirl, 3zumma, 84LY, Bi Girls Junior, Cheer Coke, Miso, Miso Diary, Yo Girls, Naked Girls, Top.AZ, TwoJi, Bunnys, Swan.B, J&B Dolls, Vivid. Not sure of all of them, J&B Dolls was a promotional group for an alcohol brand and Naked Girls, well the name says it all. No idea about Miso Diary but it's on my list so I added it. Also some girl duos: AB Avenue (duo or group?), 2wind, B-zion, Couple, Honeysh, M Psycho Girls, X'Girlz. That's it!

  2. I know this is an old post, but hopefully I can get a reply. Is the group listed as "Sue" the one with that song called "Animation"? I'm having a really hard time finding that song and was sure the name of the group was Shoot, but maybe it was Sue?

    1. I found the group you're looking for. You were right the group's name is Shoot here is their hangul name it you want to search for them some more 슛. Their album "Animation" was released in 1999 here the hangul for the album title
      애니메이션. I tried looking for their song on Youtube for you but couldn't find it. Hope this helps a little.

  3. Wow, you're just AMAZING *^*
    I'd like to listen something of each group, can you help me?!

    1. While I could make a list of songs from each group it would simply be too time consuming. A good place to start would be googling the group you're interested in with the word Kpop. Also look on Youtube surprisingly many of the older groups have videos on Youtube this is a good place to look I'm going to make a post soon about where you can find some of the older groups songs if you want to take a listen so please look forward to that post.

  4. i thought seo taiji were the first kpop group who are the ones before? i can't find them on wikipedia

    1. You make a good point. Seo Taiji is probably recognized as being the first boy group that was similar to todays boy group formula, but they are hardly the first. The first group that could be considered a boy group was 소방차/Sobangcha or translated into English "Fire Engine."

      One of the reasons this group lacks the popularity that Seo Taiji had, was that Seo Taiji was fortunate to debut in a time when the music scene in Korea was evolving. Music Videos made a huge impact. Before all that groups were able to do was perform on music shows which had very strict restrictions on what was acceptable as far as outfits and image. Music videos however, gave the groups more freedom to explore with image and their musical sound. Once that become popular the music shows slowly began to allow the changing themes and styles onto the show. Also the formula for boy groups had been uniformity, everyone dressed in the same outfits and while their might be a leader who was in the front they still all felt the same. Whereas Seo Taiji was able to present three different persona's. Also the Korean music scene was drew heavy musical influence from American music at the time Seo Taiji came out which gave them something new to the sound of their music particularly a "rap" sound not heard in Korean music before.

      Many of the groups that debut before Seo Taiji are on the Korean wiki site, but that site is in Korean. Also many of the groups are also on Youtube but it's only their soundtracks are their no MV's and you have to use their name in Hangul to find them.

      If you want to find more information you can check them out here but the site in Korean for the most part.

      Here is a Youtube video of them performing.